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Shadow Fight 2 isn’t a game that should be played occasionally. It is a game that must be played. The fact there are more than a million players also suggest that. The game itself has been developed by Nekki and the main reason why it made this name well-known is new and fresh gameplay. Use Shadow Fight 2 Hack above to make the game more enjoyable! Although it is a combat strategy game, there are a lot of aspects, elements, tactics, and tricks that must be used in order to reach higher levels.

The main goal of the game is to defeat all the enemies, including demons and place them back, behind the Gates of Shadows. Yes, it is an extremely interesting game that will keep you occupied for a long period of time. If you’re bored, don’t hesitate to try out our shadow fight 2 cheats! Here, we will reveal all a beginner should know and all what a professional player can use.

Shadow Fight 2 – All You Need To Know

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If you are a beginner, you may already know that the game is difficult to play. It is actually one of the hardest games, not because the levels cannot be completed, but rather because it has a complete set of new features and moves that make gameplay a completely different than similar games have. Once you master the basics, you will see how simple it is and how appealing defeating a new opponent is.

Shadow Fight 2 Cheats

Shadow Fight 2 features kicks and punches, at the beginning, but at higher levels, you will be able to use magic and weapons. Important: Magic and weapons must be used in order to defeat an enemy! Defeating demons of a higher rank without these features isn’t possible!

One of the biggest differences of the game is the First Strike. Basically, an opponent will try to kick or punch you the first, obviously. But, the secret is that the First Kick is a move that can determine the entire flow of a battle. In most cases, if you don’t manage to defend your character from the First Strike, you will lose. The ultimate solution is to avoid the strike and to force the enemy miss. Eventually, you can kick him so the First Strike benefits to you actually.

shadow fight 2 hack no surveyAs we mentioned already, kicks and punches are the main skills in the Shadow Fight 2. However, this doesn’t mean that the order they should be used are irrelevant! Completely opposite, you must use specific skills at a precise time. For example, when an opponent attacks you, kick him in order to make him vulnerable and then use punches to boost your damage score. All battles are held in a concealed space, with walls, so you should try to push the enemy towards the wall. Then, use the combo to inflict the maximum damage.

Dojo is a place where you will practice and buy additional skills/weapons or magic spells. A must know fact is that practicing has a huge impact on the gameplay and the possible success. That’s why practicing every day is more than just recommended as well as use of shadow fight 2 hack.

All the facts we mentioned above are used to give you the first must-know details about the game, so you can begin with it. The following content will help you understand additional features and requirements of the Shadow Fight 2.

Shadow Fight 2 Hack – Gems & coins: Fremium features

Shadow Fight 2 is a fermium game. It means that you can play it for free, but there are coins and gems (in-game currencies basically) available. The easiest way to get them is to purchase Gem pack. It means that all the game has to offer will be accessible for you. On the other side, it also means that you will have to spend actual, real-life money to get them. A good side of fremium games is that you can get all the currencies for free!

The game offers you 3 possibilities to accumulate gems and coins. They are:

  1. Completing offers or watch videos. This feature allows you to watch a video and accumulate gems, or to complete an offer and get the same thing. For example, you can fill a survey on ‘’what you like’’ topic and get the gems. This may provide you up to 50 gems. Videos are 15 seconds long and they generate 1 gem.
  2. Completing achievements. One achievement will bring you one gem. It isn’t much, but they are easy to complete and they require just a few minutes of your time. Important: Make sure you collected gems after completing a task!
  3. Duel, tournament or survival modes. All of these models can be used for gaining coins. The more you play more coins you get.

Don’t spend coins and gems as soon as possible! Save them and buy extra skill or a weapon only when needed. Once your enemy is with ‘’’Insane’’ level, gaining new skills and weapons is mandatory.

Learning new skills

Eventually, you will be able to learn new skills that will help you during the battles. All of them have interesting names and all of them are well-explained. However, there are some skills you should avoid. In most cases, you will be able to choose between the two skills. There are no specific tips that can help you here, just because each skill is suitable for just one type of player, according to his gameplay.

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Make sure you read carefully the explanation of the skill and only them you can choose it. At the beginning, you will have to choose between Cobra and Desperate skills. Desperate simply increases damage score at the end of a battle, so it isn’t actually useful. Cobra skill is a much better alternative. It will boost your chances for making the First Strike successful for an additional 40 % and it will reduce the energy of an enemy up to 10%.

Of course, you will have to exercise and practice new skills all the time. You will be able to see which ones are available to you at your Dojo.

Shadow Fight 2 Hacks – Available weapons in Shadow Fight 2

The game offers a complete set of weapons. They are interesting and more than just useful. The first thing to know is that each level brings you a new weapon. You will have to buy it, obviously.  In essence, the available weapons at the beginning will be knives and swords. With each new level, weapons became more powerful and more expensive. There are more than 60 weapons in the game and at the end, while laying the highest levels, you can acquire impressive weapons, such as plasma rifle and flame clubs. Most of the weapons are melee units, while just a few are firing weapons.

Special weapons are available as well. There are 9 of them and they cannot be obtained every day. Halloween weapons can be bought only during Halloween and boss special weapons can be acquired only after you have defeated a boss. The situation is the same for Christmas weapons.

Additional weapons include challenger units (there are 9 of them). You get them when you defeat a challenger. Boss weapons will be yours once you defeat a boss. There are 6 of these weapons.

Magic in Shadow Fight 2

shadow fight 2 hack-coins and gems generatorThe list of magic includes 10 moves that will definitely bring you a higher chance for victory. Each magic is powerful in its own way. Sadly, each one has a negative side as well. For instance, if it isn’t performed accurately, it can cause you damage! Some are slow but extremely powerful, while other magic are fast, but not as strong as the first kind we just mentioned.

Energy Ball is the most common magic. It sends a ball of energy that will hit the opponent and cause a severe damage. It is a much faster and better alternative than Fireball, which costs 29 gems by the way.

Water Ball is an interesting magic, which consists of water ball, obviously, used to cause a severe damage to your opponent. But, if it isn’t performed accurately, it will cause damage to your character!

You should try each magic in order to see its potential and how it actually works. Some of them are developed for specific players only.

Tips and trick for playing Shadow Fight 2

There are a lot of useful tips you should consider. They can help beginners reach higher levels without stress and additional practicing. Also, they can help them have more success without spending gems and coins, or purchase the same. Here are the tips and tricks developed by professional Shadow Fight 2 players.

  • All beginners will start pressing buttons without any order or plan at the beginning. This is actually a severe mistake which won’t bring you anywhere. By doing this, you will certainly lose. Make sure you watch all the moves and weapons your opponent has, and then plan a strategy.
  • Moves of enemies are determined by the weapon you have. This is a useful tip that can help you get a better idea which is the next move of your enemy.
  • Shadow Fight is based on sliding technology, meaning that you always have to plan several moves ahead! In other terms, it is completely different than the gameplay in arcade games.
  • All new weapons, skills, and magic can be tried in dual mode. This is the best way to get a complete idea how to use an item properly.
  • Complete various achievements in order to get additional gems.
  • Insane and impossible levels are the hardest. Here, you must make sure to avoid as many attacks as possible. Always try to perform an attack once the enemy is done with his attack.
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  • Use jumps and rolls to avoid being forced against a wall. Once an enemy manages this, you will certainly lose a match.
  • Use forward attacks and fists to make the most damage.
  • Skip upgrades that are not very useful. Make more money and perform upgrades that are more powerful and therefore needed.
  • An easy win is a method that is suitable for all players. In general, all you will have to do is to block the attack, when it is done, perform two small punches and go back to defense mode. Use it a few times in a battle and you will certainly win.

Shadow Fight 2 Hack Cheats

Shadow Fight 2 officially doesn’t support cheats, but some players discovered a few of them. A great fact is that all cheats work in the same way and they are incredibly simple. All you have to do is to change the time on your device.

Once your energy bar is empty, you can use the cheat to tweak the in-game time and speed it up. After you have exploited the energy bar, make sure to set time back.

Duels are a great way to get additional coins, but they can be played occasionally. Depending on a level and skill set, you can play 1-2 daily. The same cheat works here as well. Pay attention to the time, needed for your character to be able to play dual mode, change the time on a device accordingly and play.

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An upgrade requires time to become available. Some require 5 minutes, and some require more time. In any case, all you have to do is to use the cheat and the upgrade will become available instantly. The best part is that you can use it as often as you prefer.

Shadow Fight 2 Hack & Cheats – Conclusion

Shadow Fight 2 is one of the best games available right now. Even better, you can use our shadow fight 2 hack to make it better! It is interesting, simple and it can be played on anyway you like it. There are no too complicated missions, only very strong opponents. The game will probably have a long virtual lifespan, which means that new sequels will become available soon! As the result, you should begin playing as soon as possible. There is no need telling you that the graphics is one of the best ones among all fighting games. With our guide you can use shadow fight 2 cheats to have an edge you always wanted! Controls are easy as well, and the mixture of weapons, magic, and skills simply makes the Shadow Fight 2 the most advanced game of this kind, currently available to players from all parts of the world.